Please Enjoy FIFA President Gianni Infantino Dancing Awkwardly to Zimbabwean Music

If we were being extremely charitable, we would say that Gianni Infantino's dad dancing was ironic.
27 February 2017, 10:34am

You got love @chiyangwa_phil Zim ZIFA President. # FIFA President enjoying Zim music. #HandeiTione @SuperSportTV #SSDiski @robertmarawa
— Rufaz~JereraGodFatha (@Mavhure) February 24, 2017

FIFA President Gianni Infantino is supposed to be the hip new model of Sepp Blatter. He's a younger, fitter, sexier man; he disavowed (and then immediately embraced) corruption; he's just got that certain metrosexual, hairless, 'cool' vibe that FIFA needs right now, and the proof is right here. Like, just check out his slick, hip dance moves! Those sweet shapes, that cute, down-with-the-fellow-kids handclap!

When visiting Zimbabwe Football Association president Phillip Chiyangwa (pictured above in the boss pink suit), Infantino decided to entertain onlookers with some seriously ironic dad moves, which let's face it are so 'in' right now.

Wait, what do you mean this isn't ironic? It has to be ironic. No, seriously, what.

Oh sweet Jesus.