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Cinimod Studio's Walk The Light Installation Will Track You Down

Interactive installation Walk in The Light uses thermal motion sensors to track movement.

by Jennifer Mills
28 September 2012, 8:53pm

There’s these parts in the movie Predator where you get to see Schwarzenegger and crew through the eyes of the beast. Turns out the beast has this weird lava lamp-like vision that doesn’t really see, but senses the heat of the people’s bodies. Cold things are blue and as objects get warmer, they move along the spectrum to red (human bodies are red). Cinimod Studio‘s installation Walk the Light is basically the same, although I don’t recommend trying to trick it by covering yourself in mud like Arnold.

The installation, commissioned for the London Design Festival, was mounted at the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s entrance tunnel. A thermal camera attached to a monorail on the tunnel’s ceiling sensed the body heat of visitors and followed them down the hallway. The camera was also rigged to an LED light system that created a band of light around the person as they walked. Once a visitor made his or her way to the end, the camera jumped back to follow the next viewer. The saturation and hues of the painted walls also altered with the flow of motion.

Images Courtesy of Cinimod Studios.

[via designboom.]

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