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TIL Drake Flew a 21-Year-Old to His Mansion for a Vape Lesson

Not in the least bit surprising, to be fair.

by Lauren O'Neill
13 April 2017, 9:47am

Here's what I know about vaping: it makes me think of men with chain wallets who send unsolicited dick pics, and I like the smell of the butterscotch ones. But even as an ignorant vaping outsider, I am aware that there's a whole world of vaping going on, and it's ruled by Austin Lawrence, a 21-year-old from New Jersey, who is otherwise known as the Vape God. 

Austin posts vape tricks – videos of him blowing vape smoke in cool-looking ways I guess? – on Instagram, and he has amassed a pretty big following (over 331,000 at the time of writing). And one of his online admirers is that well-known zeitgeist hopper, Aubrey "Drake" Graham, who was so impressed with the videos that he posted one on his own Instagram account, and then had Austin flown out to his home for a personal vaping lesson. 

In an interview with GQ, Austin told all: "[Drake] was hookah-ing at the time, basically [...] He was like, 'I've never seen the machines you were using'. Then he said, 'yo, could you hook me up with a vape?' I told him, 'I'll hook you up with a starter kit or whatever' [...] And then he was like, 'yoooooo, should I just fly you out?'" It was the start of something beautiful and the Vape God flew out to Calabasas to meet the 6 God.

When pressed for more detail, Austin was vague, but noted that Drake's is "pretty good" at blowing vape O's, and that his mansion is "The craziest house I've ever seen. For sure." If there was ever the mildest sense that vaping's popularity looked likely to dip in 2017, this will surely put that idea to bed. There you have it. I'm sold. Vape or die.

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(Image via Drake on Instagram)

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