Vote for Noisey to Win Some Webbys and Help Us Defeat Our Enemies

We’re up for Best Music Channel and Best Social Writing.

20 April 2017, 8:50am

Noisey is up for a brace of Webby Awards this year and the voting comes to a close on Thursday 20 April (AKA today m8). You might say that having the votes close on 4/20 is a sign that Noisey is destined for victory, but we all know how democracy works now – being destined for victory is Extremely Bad.

In both categories, Noisey is facing off against its enemies: for Best Music Channel, we're up against one half of Hall & Oates; for best Social Writing, we're battling the dictionary. We can only win with your help.

Vote for Noisey's YouTube channel right here.
And vote for our social writing to vanquish the dictionary right here.

Follow Noisey on its Webby-nominated Twitter account.