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Azealia Banks VS Angel Haze... FIGHT

Is this the first well matched rap beef in forever?

by Noisey Staff
07 January 2013, 1:30pm

Ladies, can't we all just get along? Welp, no, because there is nothing greater than a female rap beef for rubber-necking entertainment. The same reason when you see men scuffling in the street they generally look like school boys, whereas when a cat fight breaks out, everyone in the vicinity wonders if their life insurance is still up to date. 

Step forward Azealia Banks and Angel Haze, who've started a war of words on Twitter (where else?), which kicked off after Banks threw shade at non-New Yorkers, turning on her caps locks to state:

"Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY.... DON'T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER."

Presumably, Haze took this as a shot at her breakthrough song being "New York", despite that she's from Michigan, so she made a few unfortunate comments at Banks' being a "charcoal skinned bitch", which she later deleted.

But wait, there's more! See the full Twitter conversation and listen to their diss tracks over at Noisey.