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Here's "Meteorite", a Shiny New Track From Years & Years

The time has come for some neon-coated pop music.

by Daisy Jones
13 September 2016, 10:35am

Contrary to the belief of many, I'd argue that it's not easy to make decent pop music. It has to be sweet, but not so saccharine you want to vom; it has to make you want to dance rather than give you a headache; it has to be emotional but not too taxing; it has to have a chorus that sticks to the walls of your brain like glitter over glue, buzzing round your head long after the track has finished. Without that, all you're left with is a disgusting mess of synth, horns, wailing and hand-claps. 

Years & Years have built their success by perfecting the aforementioned balancing act, and in their latest track "Meteorite", they combine all the right ingredients to make a beautiful and shiny pop track. It marks their first release in over a year, but according to their press release, it will also double up as a soundtrack for the new Bridget Jones film, Bridget Jones's Baby. "We wanted to make something unashamedly disco and upbeat," Olly Alexander explained, adding "If there's anyone I'd like to be, it's Bridget – a wanton sex goddess with a very bad man between her thighs." Me and you both, Olly. Me and you both. 

Listen to a preview of the track below, or hear the whole thing over at Apple Music​. 

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