The New 'Atlanta' Trailer Features Music from Surrey's Yellow Days

From the south of England all the way to ATL.

15 January 2018, 1:46pm

Donald Glover photo via Flickr; Yellow Days photo via PR

Last week we hailed the first physical manifestation of the return of Atlanta. And now there's another trailer to keep us going until season two, otherwise known as Robbin' Season, lands on our screens and back in our hearts in March.

Even more interesting is the news that this second trailer – which features Donald Glover in character as Earn, rotating through various locations – is soundtracked by a track from Surrey-raised artist Yellow Days, otherwise known as George van den Broek. The song, "Gap in the Clouds," comes from van den Broek's 2016 EP Harmless Melodies. It's soulful and rhythmic, with vocals that wail hard, but are just lo-fi enough to fit in with Atlanta's low key aesthetic. Here's the trailer:

If I were wearing my Media Studies hat I might be inclined to say that the trailer suggests that Robbin' Season is going to be a turbulent time for Earn (because he's spinning and moving quickly through different landscapes do you get it), but it also might be that this is just a cool visual effect and doesn't actually require analysis at this point. Anyway give it a watch, and wrap your ears around Yellow Days while you're at it.

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