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Stefflon Don's New Freestyle Shows She's Flying the UK Rap Flag Overseas

The skills she shows in a new Power 106 appearance prove she's here to stay.

by Lauren O'Neill
25 January 2018, 12:01pm

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It's kind of amazing to see an artist blossom under your nose. Stefflon Don, born star and the 2017 MOBOs Best Female Act of the year, is doing that right now, and what a time she's having.

Though the UK pretty quickly caught onto her extreme talent, it's cool to see her doing her thing overseas too: recently, she made her first appearance on US late night TV, which saw her give a slinky version of single "Hurtin' Me" while tackling some choreography, and now she's freestyling on famed Los Angeles radio station Power 106.

It's exciting to see her taking her very London style of rap to the US, because for a while I worried that she was watering down her sound for the American audience: "Hurtin' Me" for example, doesn't show off Steff's ability as a rapper, and instead employs a guest verse from French Montana. Thankfully, however, she's not hiding her considerable light, as proven by her appearance on LA Leakers, which you can watch above.

It's a well-deserved bragfest by anyone's standards, and Steff wears it particularly well over a bright, dancehall beat: "Signed myself and made a milli, that's facts" she announces, referring to her deal with Universal, which saw her signing her own label V-IV LONDON to the major, rather than just herself. Later she also refers to her status as a face of body positivity ("Always eatin' good / I ain't never missin' meals" are two lines I wish I heard more of in any type of music, but coming from plus-size Steff, who recently shot for British Vogue, it's even sweeter), and in general the freestyle is a fine introduction to her skills for newcomers, and a satisfying moment of seeing her embracing every aspect of her gifts for those who've been on the Stefflon Don train for some time.

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