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Watch the Inspiring New Documentary About Skepta's Homecoming Festival

Skepta hosted Lagos's second annual Homecoming festival and his sister and Beats 1 anchor Julie Adenuga was there to witness it all.

by Noisey Staff
03 October 2018, 8:23am

Screenshot of Skepta and Julie Adenuga from Julie in Lagos

This year, Beats 1's Julie Adenuga headed to Lagos for the second instalment of the city's Homecoming festival, hosted and created by her brother Skepta, and filmed it. Julie in Lagos is a three-part series showing the beauty of the city under the lens of music, fashion, and sports. "The idea of the concert was that it felt like a playlist," said Skepta's manager, Grace Ladoja. "The whole show was dictated by sound. Wiz and Skepta in the middle, J Hus at the end, Wavy opened it, and it was so beautiful to see and embrace that, we’re just trying to help bring those dots together."

Skepta's Homecoming is a huge, jubilant celebration of the African diaspora and everything its different cultures offer. "Africa has diamonds, the gold, the oil, it’s the belly button of the Earth. For a long time we’ve been sold this version of it that’s not true, so throughout my music throughout my art I’ve always tried to put it on a pedestal," said Skepta. "Everyone who didn’t want to say where they were from, everyone who didn’t want to acknowledge anyone, everyone that used to laugh at African actors are now listening to Afrobeats, Wizkid, Davido, techno, everything."

Watch the entire Julie in Lagos series on Beats 1 on Apple Music.

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