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Chromatics Return with the Mesmerising "Black Walls"

The new track is accompanied by news that 'Dear Tommy' is finally coming later this year.
17 May 2018, 8:22am

Chromatics' road to Dear Tommy has been a tumultuous one. First announced in 2014, the record has felt somewhat cursed as the band came up against various roadblocks on the way to releasing it (including but not limited to Johnny Jewel burning all of the finished copies of it in late 2015), but today the band, who we last saw popping up in a great cameo on the third season of Twin Peaks last year, say that it's finally coming later this year.

That announcement – huge news for Your Boyfriends everywhere (and, to be real, me), frankly – comes alongside a new track and video, "Black Walls." The song is every inch Chromatics, all spooky, slow build, and looming, faintly sinister vocals, and the perfected formula of the thing will please longtime fans of the band enormously. Ruth Radelet sounds as good as she ever has, and the song has a gentle ebb and flow, eventually leading to a simple, synth-driven (what else?) hook. Listen to it above and get excited as all hell.

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