Holy Shit! So Solid Crew Reunited to Celebrate 20 Years of UKG on Sunday Night

They reformed as part of Boiler Room's '20 Years of UK Garage' season.

by Noisey UK Staff
11 December 2017, 11:07am

Image via Boiler Room on YouTube

The past was great wasn't it? The internet was a novelty instead of a debilitating addiction; Um Bungo was available nationwide; McDonals was painted yellow and red. It feels like a distant land or a brightly lit fever dream. Except sometimes, we get to relive the best parts for a few moments. And luckily one of these experiences happened last night when Boiler Room livestreamed So Solid Crew's reunion.

The legendary UK Garage act reformed as part of Boiler Room's 20 Years of UK Garage celebrations, performing in South London on a ridiculously packed lineup which also included Heartless Crew, Norris Da Boss Windross & MC Creed, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd and more. As a night, it encompassed everything that was, and remains, amazing about UK Garage as a moment in time and as a movement that has lasted for two decades. Watch the livestream above and cry both because it happened and because you weren't there.

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