Ryan Adams Calls Father John Misty “Most Self-Important Asshole on Earth”

“Ryan Adams called me the most important asshole on Earth,” Misty responded.

by Alex Robert Ross
21 August 2017, 8:47am

Izqu: Wikimedia Commons; Der: El Facebook de Father John Misty

This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

Ryan Adams, who recently roasted The Strokes so hard that they became crispy, took aim at avid Noisey reader and animatronic rat eulogiser Father John Misty yesterday. For reasons that aren't entirely clear, Adams responded to a tweet from the Austin City Limits music festival by calling Misty "the most self-important asshole on earth." Har Mar Superstar got involved. Some people probably vaped. It was great.

The feud between Misty and Adams – which, were it a beverage, would probably be a double espresso – could stem from the time that Misty covered Ryan Adams's covers of Taylor Swift's 1989 in the style of Lou Reed. It could also just be Ryan Adams's way of having fun now. When oft-nude left-field musician Har Mar Superstar told Adams to "chill out, dude," he became incredulous. In a series of now-deleted tweets, preserved for all history by Stereogum, Adams referred to Misty as "Elton Josh" and "Sir Fuckhead" before comparing Misty's music to "shit Elton John but if he was just sitting in a corner staring at his hands on LSD."

I know it seems as though there's not enough e-cigarette liquid in all of Los Angeles to keep this feud going, but that stream of insults wasn't quite the end of it.

Here's Adams's Instagram apology, featuring a cat:

And here's Father John Misty, wading into this for the first time, saying, "Ryan Adams called me the most important asshole on Earth."

This is a good beef.

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