People Show Us Their Favourite Selfies of Themselves

If eyes are the window to the soul, selfies are an insight into what we want to look like.
07 February 2020, 12:11pm
Favourite selfie
Sidrah, 20: "For our generation, it's normal."

Given that people are now literally dying for the gram, you'd think we would be more circumspect about taking selfies. But with the advent of pop-up experiences built to help you take the perfect selfie and selfie-editing apps that help you airbrush your skin, put colour in your cheeks and even artificially construct nonexistent abs, the phenomenon of taking photos of yourself shows no sign of stopping.

If eyes are the window to the soul, selfies are an insight into how we want the world to see us. Are you a gymfluencer or a pastel-pink VSCO girl? Are you a bougie London literary woman or a wellness freak? Settings and accessories matter – does the luxe restaurant bathroom indicate the size of your actual wallet, or is the choice purely aspirational? How deliberate is posing with a tiger in that Hinge profile pic? And how much does your self-portrait actually reflect who you are as a person?

To find out, we asked a bunch of people to show us their favourite selfies of themselves.

Favourite selfie

ALEX, 20

I think [selfies] can be good and bad. You need a balance. If you take a thousand photos of yourself every day, you’ve probably got a bit of an issue. But if you want to put one on a dating profile to get a few more likes, then why not?

Favourite selfie


I don’t really like the idea of selfies. You’re putting what you think is your best version of yourself out there to then be judged by others. That can be quite harmful to your mental health. Selfie culture is getting a little bit silly, like the extremes that people will go to to take the perfect selfie and get the perfect setting.

Favourite selfie


I think, for our generation, it’s normal. When it comes to the older generation, they’re a little bit, what the hell is going on with these kids? They’re constantly taking images of themselves. It’s a little bit alien to them, but for us, it’s becoming normalised. That’s probably not a good thing.

Favourite selfie


I can understand the whole selfie culture, but it’s not really something I usually go for. It’s just more like people have more self-confidence than others. People are more up for taking the pictures at home. If I’m out with mates, I won’t take a selfie. But maybe at home, I would. It’s usually not a thing for me.

Favourite selfie


I feel like people get their heads too wrapped up that they need to look a specific way on social media. Be you, look like you – own it! Just be yourself.

Favourite selfie


I don’t really take selfies. I don’t really see the point. I’m happy to be in photos with friends but like, what is the point in taking 100 photos of your own face? It’s ridiculous.

Favourite selfie


We all know we put our best foot forward on social media, particularly with selfies. I think selfie culture is perfectly fine as long as when you're looking at a picture of someone else, you're aware that they are just a person and they have every side to them, like you see every side of you. You only display one side – they’re only displaying one side.