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A Fist in the Face of God Presents... Still Holding Strong

A new hardcore mix from my friend, Brad.

by Dylan Hughes
23 November 2012, 9:00am

Welcome back into the realm of the ripper, fair mortals. The time is long overdue for me to present yet another of my pal's mixes upon you. No, I didn't vanish into the Bermuda Triangle on one of my trips to the dark Antiguan underworld they don't show you in the travel brochures, and no, I was not consumed by the hurricane of Sandy. But yes, I had fallen into a nihilistic pit of misanthropy for a time. Alas, the light has re-entered my life and one thing that dragged me out of the darkness and into the light (the name of his previous mix, weirdly) was Bradley Smith's new hardcore mix, the third in the series. I will let him and his mix do the talking from here on in.

"This mix starts off really metallic, even darker and harder than anything I've compiled before, yet finishes with an uplifting, spiritual side. And with the mix's central core, I wanted to show the old school roots that unite all branches of hardcore. Free yourself of the darkness of man by returning to your roots and there you will achieve enlightenment. Or, taken another way, let hardcore own your soul from one end of the spectrum to the other."


1. Doughnuts (Sweden) "My Black Days" (1995)
2. Liar (Belgium) "Winterseason" (1996)
3. Overcast (USA) "Absolute Threshold" (1994)
4. Integrity (USA) "Taste My Sin" (2003)
5. Jihad (USA) "War Machine" (1995)
6. Stabbed By Words (USA) "Words" (2005)
7. The Suppression Swing (USA) "Forgotten" (1997)
8. Insight (USA) "Walk Away" (1990)
9. Battery (USA) "Say It" (1996)
10. Brotherhood (USA) "Gain" (1989)
11. D.Y.S. (USA) "Wolfpack" (1989)
12. Youth Of Today (USA) "Thinking Straight" (1986)
13. Billingsgate (USA) "Hold Strong" (1990)
14. The Vows (USA) "Back from the Deads" (2006)
15. The Path Of Resistance (USA) "Broken Heroes" (1996)
16. Burn (USA) "Godhead" (1990)
17. 108 (USA) "Deathbed" (1990)
18. 4 Walls Falling (USA) "Culture Shock" (1991)
19. Shelter (USA) "Freewill" (1992)
20. Refuse To Fall (USA) "Soulfire" (1991)


I've also been keeping up my bi-weekly radio show on NTS, where I play the finest in forgotten metal for two hours. The shows are chronicled here, for those not in the know.


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