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Meadows' New Track 'Gobshite' Will Pummel You into Nothingness

In case you need an idea of what you're getting into, the band categorise their sound as "rural misery" and "power drunk".

by Charlie Ambler
18 December 2014, 6:00am

The UK has been responsible for some of the world's favourite downer tunes. Suffolk-based sludge band Meadows is a perfect example: they make music for the EYEHATEGOD fan who prefers scotch over bourbon, and they categorise their heavy sound as "rural misery" and "power drunk".

Meadows' latest sludge track is aptly titled "Gobshite". It's a blend of stoner doom riffs punctuated by bursts of crusty hardcore. "Gobshiteappears on an upcoming compilation from the Portland-based label Eolian Empire called (We've Got) Fiends in Low Places: Heavy Vibes Internationale. The compilation includes 15 noisy aggressive bands from around the world.

Pre-order the compilation here.

And check out Meadows on Bandcamp.