Paul Woolford's Nimmo Remix is a Piano House Belter

Mr Special Request's given an up and coming London group a 90s style rework.

Feb 1 2016, 2:51pm

Nimmo (photo via Nimmo)

So, there you are, in the club, six warm, malty tinnies down. It's your birthday. You're loving life. You step up to the booth and confidently grab the DJ's attention. "HELLO MATE," you bellow, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" The DJ looks at you. He just stares at you. You carry on. "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, MATE, CAN YOU PLAY A SONG FOR ME?" He is now looking through you. You wait. He slowly extends a middle finger. You're crushed. Your birthday's ruined.

Now that, that's the bad sort of special request. That's the sort of special request nobody wants. What we've got for you today is the type of special request everybody wants: this absolute screamer that Mr Special Request himself, Paul Woolford's just given us an exclusive listen to. Taking on London group Nimmo's "UnYoung", Woolford's turned in a piano heavy monster that's already got us wishing the weekend away and we've pretty much just finished our very boring, but sort of healthy, lunchtime salad. If you like piano house, which, being human, you probably do, you'll absolutely love this. Check it out exclusively here on THUMP below:

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