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We've Got Churners, Clankers, and Cosmic Cuts in This Week's Seven Most Played

Featuring music from the likes of Michael Mayer, Samo DJ, and Joy Orbison

by Josh Baines
05 August 2016, 11:30am

As we roly poly into another weekend of pints and ill-advised trips to the local lahmacun dispensary, it's time to take stock of the last few days and think about everything we've been blessed with. There was that really nice shower on Tuesday morning. Getting a seat on the bus home on Wednesday was nice, too. Oh, and Lidl was pleasingly quiet last night when we nipped in for pak choi and brillo pads. And, of course, there's been the music. There's always this music!

This week's seen us getting very moody and serious with the new Michael Mayer and Agoria collaboration, wistful over the new track from Max D's Future Times label, and very sweaty to a Samo DJ remix of a Blaze classic. We've also enjoyed a pair of strange, mysterious releases that've got us questioning everything we ever thought we knew about anything. Firstly there's an incredibly lo-fi series of house slappers that Wilie Burns found on an old cassette and uploaded for all collective pleasure. And no, we've not heard of Craig S. Reese either. Then there's a half hour blend of churners, clankers, and comisc cuts from the squad over at Rubadub. We need to know all these records ASAP. Please help us. And before anyone chimes in with "Errr, the catalogue numbers are in the description," please remember that it's Friday afternoon and we're too busy daydreaming about Guinness to do any googling.

On top of all that, we've been bathing in a double whammy of incredible mixes: Joy Orbison's entry in the Dekmantel podcast series is as good as you'd expect, and the latest Trushmix is another fucking classic.

Enjoy it all below!

1. Michael Mayer & Agoria - Blackbird Has Spoken

2. Craig S Reese - Essential Recordings

3. Jeremy Hyman - Couch

4. Blaze - My Beat (5ive & Samo DJ Rmx)

5. Rubadub - DJ Catalogue.mp3

6. Joy Orbison - Dekmantel Podcast 081

7. Luca Lozano - Trushmix 89

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