D Double E Tells You Just How He Likes It in a New Live Video

Watch the grime OG perform his single "How I Like It", as part of our Greatest UK MCs of All Time series.

22 February 2017, 12:00pm

Since the discovery of fire enabled man and woman to cook meat over an open flame, we've never been able to settle one simple question: rare or well-done? The idea of a bloodied steak makes some of us want to gag; meanwhile, Anthony Bourdain lays out the argument for never ordering a well-done cut of steak in a restaurant. His pro-tip: you'll be served old and dry meat disguised by the amount of time it's spent on the griddle – only a prime cut could leave the kitchen medium-rare or rare, and "the philistine who orders his food well-done is not likely to notice the difference between food and flotsam".

All of this brings us to grime MC D Double E. He featured in our top 10 of the Greatest UK MCs of All Time a few weeks ago and early on in new single "How I Like It" lets us all know that "when I'm eating steak, well-done's how I like it / Blood coming out? Nah, that's not how I like it" – surely a helpful reference for any wait staff in restaurants he'll go on to frequent. Watch him rap about steak, car washes and more, in a live performance he gave for us at YouTube's London studios – and keep an eye out for others by the new breed of UK MCs. They're coming soon. 

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