Adult Swim’s New Web-Toy Is Sexy, Sassy, and Starving

'Feed Frank,' or don't; not like he even cares anyway.

by Annie Armstrong
28 April 2016, 1:45pm

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Frank kind of seems like the Jabba the Hutt of the internet. He needs you to feed him, but he won’t just accept anything you give him, and he’ll toy with you all the way in between. The interactive media experience “FEED FRANK” asks users to paint a picture using a touch-sensitive heat map and “bits” of emojis—all to feed the powerful and mysterious Frank. The creators, Kristel Brinshot, Ricky Jonsson Jr, and Peter Javidpour acknowledge, "Feed frank is kinda weird, we admit its a little creepy but it begs to ask us what and WHO are we really feeding in our cyber lives?" [sic

A valid question, as the digital environment we live in continues to grow everyday. The artists behind FEED FRANK have previously worked on other VR experiences such as Muscle Coach, under the moniker The Great Nordic Sword Fights. This “web-toy” is unique, however, because it requires both your smartphone and your computer for optimal usage. As you draw, “Frank” will flirt with you under an interactive chat interface, and coax you to add more “bits” to your drawing.

If you want to paint your own food for Frank and see if he likes it, log on to on both your computer and your iPhone and watch the magic happen.  


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