100 Days of Animation: A Crash Course in Creativity

No cheat days.

by Diana Shi
27 August 2016, 11:30am

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A man on the moon; a Russian nesting doll; a crowded subway car with a frantic exiting passenger: the number of images rolling around the brain of animation team, Zwelley Co., are both commonplace and totally whimsical. The animated reel is the hard-nosed results of one hundred days of hand-drawn animation, inspired by Elle Luna’s "100 Days" goal-setting project.

The Ohio-based company’s ability to create a unique animation every day, no matter the circumstances (or the fatigue level), is a testament to a steely work ethic and a regenerative imagination. Zwelley ups the ante even more by keeping things analog and effortful by using a base of hand-drawn illustrations before applying any technology.

Though the team of creatives employs Adobe animation software to bring the project into being, they encourage the use of “straight cel animation,” or animation accomplished without any computer manipulation or assistance. Never thinking themselves fair-weather animators, Zwelley develops work that is at once simple and classically understated, but with a compellingly miniature aesthetic to them.

Watch the frenetic, digitized flipbook that is 100 Days of Hand-Drawn Animation below:

To see more from Zwelley Co., visit their website.


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