This Week's 'Black Jesus' Has a Heavenly Secret

'Black Jesus' is back, and cutting as ever.

by Annie Armstrong
24 September 2015, 5:50pm

Images courtesy Adult Swim

May the Lord be with you, and also with Compton, CA, because season two of Adult Swim’s Black Jesus is finally upon us. The first season of Black Jesus caught our attention with its disarming satire and subject matter, and its position as a launchpad for Vine and Instagram stars Andrew Bachelor and Kali Hawk, and we’ve been counting down the days until it’s renewal. The live action series created by Aaron McGruder of The Boondocks fame returned to primetime last week, and there's a brand new episode tomorrow night at 11.

You fortunate souls can get a sneak peek of the episode, “Jesus Gonna Get His,” guest starring Keith David—himself a friend of A+ comedies like Rick and Morty and Community—as a sweet-talking preacher with a heavenly secret.

Watch old episodes of “Black Jesus” here, and for more tune to Adult Swim on Fridays at 11 PM.


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