Las Vegas Looks Like a Circuit Board from 10,800 Feet

Even Sin City looks cute from two miles above sea level.

by Becky Chung
10 February 2015, 9:15pm

Images via

The last time we saw photographer Vincent LaForet leaning precariously out of helicopters to take pictures, he was hanging above New York City at a height of about 7,500'. For Sin City, the second part of his series Air, he took his camera to Las Vegas, another “island of light in the middle of nothingness,” as he describes in a post on Storehouse.

“There is a genuine sense of discovery when you make these images," he writes about the experience. "You know they likely have never been shot before. I'll never be an astronaut—but this is the closest to space that I'll likely ever get.” He compares the view of the grid of illuminated streets from 10,800' (8,799' above the city) to that of an intricate computer motherboard, or a scene from Blade Runner or Tron.

LaForet’s next stop? Europe. To keep up-to-date on his snapshots, travels, and writings, sign up here, and be sure to read his full piece for more soaring photos from Sin City.


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