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Paul Wall, the People's Champ, Is Giving Free Grills to the Houston Astros

“I said: ‘Hey man if y’all go to the World Series, I’m going to hook y’all up with some grillz.’ And they were like: ’Hell yeah we want some grillz.”

by Phil Witmer
26 October 2017, 8:12am

Paul Wall (right) with Johnny Dang. Photo by Robyn Beck for AFP.

This article originally appeared on Noisey Canada.

Houston's had it hard this year, but things might be looking up, as the Astros have made it to the baseball World Series. Recognising the importance of this event, Houston rap legend and longtime Astros fan Paul Wall has offered to give the team that most Southern of prizes, grills. As Billboard reports, Paul Wall tweeted out a congratulations that included the offer courtesy of him and his business partner, grill-making impresario Johnny Dang, as seen below.

Because Texans look out for each other, (I don't know for certain, I'm Canadian) the various members of the Astros camp are enthusiastically behind the idea.

There's no reason why they wouldn't: few rappers are as heavily tied to mouth jewellery as Paul Wall, who once made and personally fitted a grill for the coach of the Houston Cougars. He told Billboard that "I was just joking around with them about it, I said: 'Hey man if y'all go to the World Series, I'm going to hook y'all up with some grillz.' And they were like: 'Hell yeah we want some grillz." Hopefully the grills will in some way aid the Astros, who've already lost 1 - 3 to the LA Dodgers in the first game of the World Series, but never doubt the power of Southern rap in tough times.

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