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Arcade Fire Playing in a Venue Lobby Is All Your Weirdest House Parties

There's the distinct feel of 4AM when someone's got an acoustic guitar and a tambourine out.

by Lauren O'Neill
12 June 2017, 10:56am

In the days before they became the Biggest Rock Band in the World™, Arcade Fire were known for continuing their gigs after they'd officially finished, in the lobby of whatever venue they'd been playing in. It appears that last Thursday 8 June they picked up their old tradition again, in the glamorous foyer of the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, after playing a sold-out show there.

A fan-shot video that's now been making the rounds (which you can watch above) sees Win Butler, Will Butler, Brendan Reed, Régine Chassagne (with trademark streamers in tow) and their band of many lovely weirdos rocking up in reception to hang out with fans and carry on the festivities. Because it's Arcade Fire, it's very sweet. But can you honestly tell me that it does not also have the distinct vibe of a house party that has got a bit odd because someone's pulled a tambourine from out the back of the sofa, and someone else who has extremely taken a pinger is playing the spoons at double time? Can you really say that this video isn't actually making you feel sort of weird because it is fully reminding you of a bit of a bad one that you had not two weeks ago?

Everything is reminiscent of a sesh-based "jam." There is the half-hearted, nervous way that some crowd members are joining in, the twats videoing it for their Instagram story so that those most involved will be extremely embarrassed at some point in the near future, Will Butler, AKA the lad who sweats so much when he's pissed that he's had to undo a couple of shirt buttons. The vibe is very student halls party, and everyone loves it, and you are who you always were: the cynical prick who watches on, semi-horrified, thinking "why am I actually still here though?" Happy Monday, and thank you Arcade Fire for this sobering footage.

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