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Chip's Video For "Scene" is an All-Star Vibe

Presenting grime's most valuable players all in one video.

by Lauren O'Neill
10 August 2017, 9:55am

Image via YouTube

Chip's third album, League of My Own II, will be released tomorrow (12 August), and as a final gift before its release, he's dropped a new track called "Scene," with an accompanying video. Both feature a ridiculous roster of artists, which, in full, comprises of *deep breath*: Wiley, JME, Jammer, D Double E, and Miraa May. Basically it's a who's who of some of the most interesting artists in British music – let alone grime, rap and R&B – and as you'd expect, both the track and the visual go hard.

A bunch of slick verses are set off by a seriously pretty vocal interlude from Miraa May that elevates the whole thing from a great showcase for British rap to something more all-encompassing entirely, and the clip to go with it means business. It's a low-key affair featuring everyone involved (Wiley appears via separate footage), in an all-black get up, looking suspiciously like the future of music in the UK. Watch and listen above!

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