Watch This Guy Down the World’s Most Expensive Shot

The £7,000 price tag is going to give businessman Jason Wong more than a sore head in the morning.

by Daisy Meager
18 November 2016, 1:23pm

With every good hangover comes the painful ritual of rifling through your receipts and following the Hansel and Gretel booze breadcrumb trail of last night. There was that pick-me-up gin and tonic. The wine. And then … you spent how much on Slippery Nipples and tequila slammers?

But spare a thought for Jason Wong, a Chinese businessman who just dropped HK$68,000—that's more than £7,000—on a 40 millilitre shot of Cognac. He downed the drink in front of cameras at the InterContinental hotel in Hong Kong last week.

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That's going to give him more than a sore head in the morning.

The booze in question was a Cognac Croizet Cuvée Leonie 1858, a single-harvest Cognac that Winston Churchill and President Eisenhower reportedly drank while planning D-Day in 1944. It's one of the last remaining bottles of Cognac that exists from before Phylloxera mites (a type of louse) destroyed vines in France in the 1870s.

According to Francis Audemard, an official tasting expert to the French law courts, Wong would have found "a Cognac full of vigour" with notes of dried poppies, passion flower, and coconuts.

A bit more elegant than tropical-flavoured Sourz, then.

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Wong handed over the cash and downed the shot on the morning of Donald Trump's election, and toasted the president-elect, telling the people assembled: "I wish he will bring world peace and more business opportunities to the world."

Wong probably wasn't the only one downing some of the strong stuff that day.