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Redlight's Guest Mix is a Speed-Limit Breaking Stunner

The Bristolian bass-obsessive's given us an hour long mix and an exclusive listen to his new single on Unknown to the Unknown.

by Josh Baines
03 May 2017, 11:02am

Bristolian bass addict Redlight is a busy boy. When he's not overseeing his own Lobster Boy imprint, taking his warehouse-ready record bag round the world, or working with the likes of Raekwon, Mobb Deep or Tink, he's probably honing his Scrabble abilities.

Ok, so we're not sure about the last bit there, but the point stands: the man known to his mum as Hugh just doesn't stop. Next up from him is a lithe little two tracker coming out on DJ Haus' relentless and reliably great Hot Haus. The City Jams 12" comes backed with a remix by the one and only DJ Deeon so you'd be a fool not to grab it when it hits stores later this month.

In the meantime. check out the typically raucous cut below, along with a DJ Haus conducted interview and a mix that's perfect for those of you who really, really, really like your house to sound like beaming into a new city very late at night in car that's driving way too fast.

DJ Haus: Tell u s a bit about the inspiration behind City Jams?
Redlight: It was an idea that'd been on my computer for a while, and I sent it to you to play as I thought you'd be into it. You liked it and wanted to release it. The loose concept was to base something around early Chicago-style piano house. I made a riff that sounded a bit like Inner City, so I thought fuck it, and rolled out a little dub vibe kind of thing.

You are touring the USA this week, whats your favourite thing about playing in the states? I've made some good friends over there from touring and I just love traveling round the country and seeing it all. Musically, the ravers seem way more diverse these days and are more accepting of a lot of what we have to offer so can you can play across the board too.

Speaking of the USA you have a DJ Deeon remix on your next EP. Are you a big Dance Mania fan? Any particular standout favourites to share with us?
Yeah, I've always been into the 'don't give a fuck' mentality of Dance Mania. Jammin' the House Gerald is a favourite of mine. I think there's one of his in the mix below. But yeah, having Deeon remix one of my jams is both a blessing and an honour.

What's popping this year? Where do you go after making beats with Raekwon & Prodigy? To be honest, I feel more inspired this year than ever before, and think what we've got in the UK at the moment is pretty special. I've been very busy working on my label Lobster Boy which has a v busy release schedule at the moment. On top of all that I've just finished a new release called Ice Cream Jungle , which is all tribal, sub-bass heavy 4x4 bits, and then there's lots of other bits, too. Keeping it moving.

Redlight's City Jams EP drops very soon on Hot Haus Recs.

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