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Drift Off with Dream Chimney and Cheer Yourself Up with Chimpo in THUMP's Seven Most Played

Everything we've been bumping in the office over the past seven days.

by Josh Baines
15 April 2016, 2:08pm

As the weekend descend's upon us and we all start daydreaming about pints or toast or Match of the Day or whatever it is that we get excited about over the course of a weekend, work becomes a minute by minute struggle. We know this, you know this, so why not try and alleviate those feelings by tuning into the tunes that we've been rinsing over the last few days? You know it'll be fun because, hey, this is THUMP's Seven Most Played!

This week we've been absolutely hammering George FitzGerald's sumptuously-bleepy take on the new Lil Silva tune "Lines" before working ourselves up into a state of frenzy thanks to the stuttering, fluttering "Roll Up That Loud" from the posthumous DJ Rashad album Afterlife. We've also been tucking into another incredibly entry in Dream Chimney's Mix of the Week series: this time around Gryningen's rolled through with a smoother-than-silk selection of soft rock for all the sadlads out there. Having felt all mushy after one too many spin of that, we roused ourselves with the new House of Feelings screamer on GODMODE. Which sort of felt like going at a punchbag while really hungover. When things got a dull and ordinary in the office we found that Lone's new slab of rave-classicism was a perfect pick-us-up, and Manchester don Chimpo's mix for iD just about made sorting out a load of invoices sort of bearable. Enjoy!

1. Lil Silva - Lines (George FitzGerald Remix)

2. DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & Taso - Roll Up that Loud

3. Gryningen - Önskebrunnen IV

4. House of Feelings - Americans

5. Torn Hawk - With My Back to the Tower

6. Lone - Backtail Was Heavy

7. Chimpo - iD-J Mix

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