Umberto's Back with the Creepiest Video of 2016

The video for the Not Not Fun producer's new single "Drifters" is scarier than a slasher movie on a comedown.

by Josh Baines
17 May 2016, 9:53am

Do you remember the good old days when you were younger and better looking and happier and fresher and you didn't wake up each morning waiting for the moment you got to go back to bed and everyone you knew and loved loved and knew you and you could drink all night without getting a hangover and you'd spend your evenings listening to the VHS slasher movie sounds of Gatekeeper and Zombi and Umberto? They were great weren't they? Your entire world sounded like being tracked down by a skin-flaying psychopath running on wanton lust and unstoppable hatred and you loved every second of it.

The bad news: life's moved on and left you in the dirt. The good news: Matt Hill's back as Umberto with a brand new album on Not Not Fun! Having turned everyone on to Alan Howarth and Goblin with albums like 2010's seminal Prophecy of the Black Mask, Hill's spent the last few years crafting the kind of cracked-skull cosmic disco that stinks of poppers and pus, and pulsates like a twitching corpse caught in the strobes of hell's very own disco.

Arriving on June 3rd, Alienation is another trip into the dark of the neon-spattered night. As Not Not Fun main man Britt Brown puts it, "Alienation stands as the most fascinatingly atypical Umberto album to date: downcast, subdued, haunted, ethereal." So we've decided to bring you an exclusive watch of lead track "Drifters" absolutely terrifying video. We don't want to give anything away but you need to watch until the very end...try not to have nightmares...

Umberto's Alienation arrives on June 3rd via Not Not Fun.

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