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Last Night Four Tet, Caribou and Floating Points Sat in For Benji B on Radio 1 and Played a Load of Unreleased Music

The show included exclusives from Joy Orbison, Anthony Naples, Koreless and James Holden.
23 July 2015, 10:35am

A bit like when Mario Gotze came on as a substitute in the 2014 World Cup final only to score the winning goal, last night Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) stepped in for Benji B and blew the lid of the place. Bringing Dan Snaith (Caribou) and Sam Shepherd (Floating Points) with him, the evening was a crate-digging whole squad showcase. Which is obviously exciting enough in itself, had they not then gone on to play new, exclusive, and unreleased material from Joy Orbison, Koreless, Anthony Naples and James Holden.

The trio premiered Joy Orbison's "A123" which can be listened to on separately on Radio 1's website right here. Anthony Naple's remix of Arthur Russell's "Keeping Up" also got a look in, along with some as of yet unnamed music from Caribou. The show also included segments of a pan pipes, Ravi Shankar cuts, a late-1970s track recorded in a Virginian prison, and every basically other eclecticism you'd imagine such encyclopedic selectors to pull out.

Listen back here.

Or listen to the three of them taking over NTS earlier this year.