[Premiere] Minimal FX Give Maxium Effect in This Glitching Music Video

London-based electronic duo LE SON's pleasantly disorientating new single "Without a Sound" gets some equally bewitching visuals.
27 October 2016, 1:25pm

Image courtesy of the artists

Swirling minimalist electronica meets glitchy minimalist visuals in the music video for electronic duo LE SON's new single "Without a Sound," released on South East London label squareglass. LE SON's—Liam Fergus and Emily Ady—track fuses trip hop and soul, and the subdued, hypnotizing sound is reflected in the lo-fi glitchy graphics in the video directed by Charlie Hawley.

"The track had this rolling feel to it, like it was cyclic," Hawley tells The Creators Project. "I wanted to communicate that and tried to make a video you could almost loop and not really see the start/end point. It oozes inebriation and part of that inebriation, I felt, was creating a disassociation from these moments of lucidity (the background travelling shots) as they dissolve into something more like a dream."

Image courtesy of the artists

The video was cut together using footage of Fergus and Ady, along with stock imagery and found footage, then collaged using typical desktop software for some low-budget VFX. Hawley had a few references in mind when making it, like "Kerou's Lament" by Ellery James Roberts (from Wu Lyf). "I'm fascinated by this minimum 'stuff' maximum effect game they have going," he notes.

Image courtesy of the artists To convey the otherworldly sonics of the track, Hawley layered the images to create digital distortions and pixelated mutations while keeping the visuals "quiet" to not disrupt the eerie serenity that drives LE SON's song along. "It's trying to prompt a curiosity, like shapes in clouds," Hawley says. Check out the video below:

You can download LE SON's new single "Without a Sound" here. It will also be available as 7" vinyl and can be ordered here. Follow LE SON on Facebook. Visit Charlie Hawley's website here.


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