Professional Bodybuilder Goes Nuts (Possibly Literally), Slaps Judge in Face

A Greek bodybuilder had a meltdown after he lost a competition.

by Sean Newell
30 November 2016, 9:47am

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports U.S.

Giannis Magos won his weight division at a bodybuilding competition in Greece, but, alas, he was not declared the overall winner of the event.

This apparently struck a nerve with the walking slab of extremely bronzed flesh. He decided to take his frustration out on judge Armando Marquez, who Yahoo Australia notes is a "long-time respected" official in International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness circles. Cameras give us a look at Magos mid-rampage, as he stalks around the scorers table. And then poor Marquez just walked right into a shitstorm.

also notes that, in addition to slapping Marquez clear off his feet, Magos may have taken his dick out.

There are reports he then threw all the judges' tables and then pulled out his penis. That part of the meltdown was not shown on video.

So... yeah. Or maybe that part was shown and, due to the vagaries of professional expectations, that part just wasn't noticeable.

Our advice to Marquez? Get Swoll. Our advice to Magos? Stop being a dick.

h/t The Score