Barcelona Are Complaining About Premier League Teams Spending So Much Money

Which is pretty rich from a club that paid €81 million for Luis Suarez.

by Mike Vorkunov
02 September 2016, 9:00am

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It requires a spectacular amount of hubris to take an argument you know is patently ridiculous – something so absurd and whiny it falls on its face immediately – and make it anyway.

For instance, Barcelona's director of sport complaining that English teams are spending too much money on transfers, and that something must be done! Think about that.

Barcelona, who are the second most valuable football team in the world (worth $3.55 billion) and who got the second largest Champions League payout ($69 million) this year, are saying that they can't keep up. Just let that settle in for a moment.

"UEFA and FIFA have to implement a way of regulating [spending]," Albert Soler, the director, said on Thursday. "When FFP was created, the Premier League didn't have as much money as it does now, so it needs to be adapted. It's not normal that there are such big differences. If it continues like this, with one club able to spend €120m on one player, it's going to cost more and more all the time to get the best players. Our most expensive recent signing was Luis Suarez and even then the club had to make economic adjustments."

Suarez cost €81 million, lest we forget. Stop the complaints, Barcelona.

Soler does raise the valid point that Premier League teams have a spending power that no other league can match. That's why a team like Bournemouth, which made it to the Premier League for the first time last year and then finished 16th, can beat AC Milan and Roma to the loan signing of Jack Wilshere.

That's what Barcelona and other big clubs must be so angry about. The £5bn Premier League television deal has been such a boon for English clubs that they can now compete with nearly every other football club in the world. It must be scary for the biggest overseas clubs to see their spending power slowly erode.

You're allowed to say that, of course, but sometimes it's the messenger that matters – and Barcelona aren't a good one.

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