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Seb Wildblood's New Track for Banoffee Pies Delivers Therapeutic Deep House

"Coconut Oil" will be released on an EP also featuring work from Jon Sable, Tell, and more.

by Alexander Iadarola
02 May 2017, 8:09am

Photo by Iga Drobisz

London DJ and producer Seb Wildblood today shared his therapeutic contribution to Bristolian imprint Banoffee Pies' upcoming BPLS005 compilation EP. "Coconut Oil" is as carefree as any of the Church Music label boss' other productions, but it stands out for the measured precision it uses to achieve that effect. Each percussion hit, keyboard stroke, and processing effect is presented with minimum embellishment, which gives the song a contemplative, organic feel.

Wildblood told THUMP the track's story over email. "This release is probably the fastest turnaround I've ever experienced," he said. "I wrote the track, sent it to the Banoffee Pies guys, and they signed it the same day. It was sent it off for mastering by the following day. This is very rare as releases usually take months to come together."

"The track was originally called 'Sesame Oil,'" he added, "as I've been using that to help calm my tinnitus, but I thought 'Coconut Oil' has a nicer ring to it so changed it last minute."

The compilation EP will be released on May 5, and is available for pre-order now.

BPLS005 tracklist:

1. Jon Sable - "Light Transportation Ft Kroba"
2. Seb Wildblood - "Coconut Oil"
3. Matt Saint Will - "Weird Love"
4. Marenn Sukie - "The Theme"
5. Tell - "A Tipping Whispering"

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