Watch ‘Street Fighter V: KO Dreams’

Watch the Capcom-commissioned film, looking both back at the series' past and the launch of <i>Street Fighter V</i>.

22 February 2016, 8:01pm

Co-created with Capcom.

In Street Fighter V: KO Dreams, we spend time reminiscing on the breakthrough years of Street Fighter II, fast-forward to the explosion of interest that came with Street Fighter IV and its impact on the global fighting game community - finishing up with an introduction to 2016's ferocious reboot of the franchise, Street Fighter V.

Our host, grime DJ and Street Fighter expert Logan Sama, leads us through the Street Fighter world as we meet game aficionados and professionals – from the globe-trotting pro-player Ryan Hart to the new game's producer Yoshinori Ono.

Street Fighter V is out now, for PlayStation 4 and PC. Find more information and purchase links at the game's official website. Read more Street Fighter V coverage on VICE, here.

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