We Dare You to Withstand the All-Out Assault of Little Destroyer's "Bad Cell" Video

These Vancouverites make music to blow robots up to.

by Noisey Canada Staff
09 November 2016, 9:31am

Photo courtesy of the artist

The lyric video is typically an inert way to premiere a new song without the need for a proper music video. Vancouver, Canada trio Little Destroyer have made a lyric video for their new song "Bad Cell" that pretty much annihilates not only all other lyric videos but most of the regular videos you'll see today, too. It's a sensory overload that matches the song's fuzzed-out, mechanised intensity.

"Basically this song is the observation of the brutality of life on all levels," explains Little Destroyer, "...the violence of living, and the subsequent cynicism that floods in, the more you become aware of all the shit happening around us and in us." Watch the "Bad Cell" video below.

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