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Wondering... What the Phone Saw

I'm off meeting my Cuban husband's madre, so here are some of my phone photos.

by Bruce LaBruce
25 January 2012, 12:00am

Well, kids, I'm off to Cuba for a week with my Cuban husband to meet his madre. I had to clear my phone of the photos I've taken over the past couple of years, so here's a portfolio of the best ones. I'll report on my Cuban excursion next week.

Love, Blab

Gaggle of Zombies. They greeted me outside of the theatre where my movie L.A. Zombie played during the GLBT Film Festival in San Francisco in June, 2011.

Tree-penis, Muir Woods, San Francisco.

The Illustrious Ladyfag at my Self-Loathing Party at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto, June 2011.

At the General Idea show at the AGO in Toronto, 2011.

Pigeon Soup, Anyone? Toronto, 2011.

McDonald's-inspired artwork at El Instituto Cervantes, Madrid, 2011.

Christs for Sale, religious store, Madrid, 2011.

The scariest street performer in the world ever, Madrid, 2011.

Luizo Vega and a large girl at a discoteque in Madrid, 2011.

Me with Alaska and Mario, the amazing musical duo who have a reality show on MTV in Spain, Madrid, 2011. My photos of them are featured in my exhibit of all-new photography, "Obscenity," opening at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid on February 16th, 2012.

Abstract of Building, Madrid, 2011.

Amazing cardboard set for the insane adaptation of Ibsen's "John Gabriel Borkman" at the Volksbeuhne's Prater Theatre, Berlin, 2011.

Underground kids DJing at CCCP Gallery, Winnipeg, 2011.

My high school graduation photo, snapped on Christmas, 2011.

Oranges in Pick-up Truck, Los Angeles, 2010. Why do I get the impression that there are either illegal Mexican immigrants or body parts hidden beneath them?

Husband in Bathtub, 2010.

One of My More Artistic Shits, 2010.

Tea Ceremony with PIg, Kiev, 2010.

Big Baby! Ron Mueck's sculpture at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2010.

Self-portrait, First Class, 2011.

Butt-plug Head Scarf, Berlin, 2009.

Belarussian Pole-dancer, Hebel-um-Ufer Theatre, Berlin, 2011.

Husband on Discarded Chair with Garbage, Toronto, 2011.

Upside-down Death, Die Untoten Exhibition, Kampnagel, Hamburg, 2011.

Albino Rat, Mexico City, 2011.

Insect Appetiser, Mexico City, 2011.

Cactus Cock, San Francisco, 2011.

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