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Stefflon Don Just Dropped This Sleek New Video for "Hurtin' Me"

It features French Montana and her hair and outfits will make you scream.

by Lauren O'Neill
04 September 2017, 2:07pm

Image via YouTube

There's no doubt that London rapper and singer Stefflon Don has been poised for greatness since she first emerged, and a few weeks ago, she released her first official single "Hurtin' Me," which features French Montana.

Though the track wasn't necessarily what some were expecting (there's a lack of rapping, for starters), I don't think that's actually a bad thing: it's important to subvert expectations and provide fans with something new, and as such a multi-talented artist, Steff has a lot of sides of herself to show. The one that takes the spotlight here is the soft, sexy Steff, whose distinctive singing voice floats over the sort of beat that captures late summer perfectly.

Today, we've been graced with a video for the track, which is just as low-key as the music itself. It's a pretty literal interpretation of the lyrics, in that it depicts a spurned Steff dealing with the fact that her ex has "got a new gi-i-i-rlfriend," and it seems to roll out her aesthetic mission statement going forward: it's clean but stylish, with choreography that's true to her dancehall influences, and her hair is obviously impeccable.

Watch above and click here to read our profile on Steff from earlier this year.

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