Assad Bombed the Dar al Shifa Hospital

His MIG jets turned it to rubble.

Today, the Dar al Shifa field hospital in Aleppo – which was the subject of the VICE documentary Ground Zero Syria: Aleppo Field Hospital – was bombed into rubble by Assad’s MIG jets. The FSA’s Aleppo media centre is reporting 15 dead, 20 wounded, and many still under the rubble.

Two of the dead were allegedly hospital staff and two were children. An unconfirmed rumour is circulating that a Canadian film crew was also inside at the time of the bombing. Our correspondent Robert King was 100 yards away when the bombs dropped. The air was heavy with smoke and debris, like a thick fog – the hospital was nowhere to be seen because it had been completely levelled. Grown men stumbled around shellshocked, covered in dust. Grieving Syrians shouted "Allahu Akhbar" and gathered the wounded from the rubble, wrapping up the dead and throwing their bodies in the backs of minitrucks.

As the cease-fire between Israel and Gaza devours headlines, the bombs continue to fall in Aleppo and Idlib province. VICE’s Robert King will remain in Aleppo, documenting the ongoing civil war.

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