A Few from ‘Stories’

Jacob Aue Sobol makes moody compositions with humans, objects, and at least one scruffy kitty.

From 2008 to 2011, award-winning Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol wandered around Tokyo, Bangkok, and his native Copenhagen, taking photographs for his first collection, Stories. Aptly named, the images contained within transform everyday interactions with humans, objects, and at least one scruffy kitty into intense, moody compositions that make everything he shoots look like a snapshot from some harrowing—or uplifting—WWII tale (we mean this in the best of ways). Or, in Jacob’s words: “In my constant search for closeness and intimacy, I photograph humans fixed in their play, passion, despair, and exhaustion. And in between, the landscapes, shapes, and textures that surround us. In Stories I invite us to rise above our day-to-day security and to relate to our own body and existence.”

” If we’re lucky, Stories (and a second book from Jacob entitled Home) will be available soon. A release date has not been set for either.