A walk in the park with Coco Sarli

Coca Sarli, a former actress from Argentina who was born in 1935, began her career as a model and was crowned Miss Argentina in 1955. After starring in tons of films, among those the first Argentine film with a total nude scene, she has managed to slip into every generation´s jerking image-stock. Recently some alcohol brand had the idea of installing 1,882 body figures of her (which maybe stands for the average number of wanks each Argentine has dedicated to her?), in a park in the wealthiest neighborhood of Buenos Aires as a payback for all the inspiration she's provided. In what may have been an attempt to spot some obsessed male groupies and drag them away to her place, for which we definitely can´t blame her, Coca threw on a fur and gladly posed for some portraits with herself.

By the way, that ugly flower in the back happens to close itself at nighttime, by when the whole park probably turns into a huge wanking-bum/figure-raping paradise.

Here's a couple of our favorite Coca scenes:

First total nude scene in Argentine film, from 1956, starring Coca.

Coca gets horny while watching a horse fuck.

And now the photos...