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IAMDDB Is Making Something Deeper Than the Rest of You

Her latest release "Shade" is equal part turn-up anthem and reflective soul food.

by Ryan Bassil
25 August 2017, 10:54am

From a young age, most children are encouraged to be themselves. To do what makes them happy, to remain pure and true, to not become lost. As we grow though, some people tumble down a rabbit hole – falling away from whatever may be the true version of their being, plagued by doubt. Ultimately, most of us disconnect from the divine essence that made everything glow as a child.

It's easy to see whether someone has become removed from or aligned with themselves. It's intuitive, you can feel the flowing energy – or lack thereof. This concept can also be applied to music too. Some artists are so evidently in-tune with themselves, they emit an almost intangible feeling. But because that feeling seems so abstract, we fall back on the old cliche: they just have that thing about them.

IAMDDB has that thing about her. Maybe you'll watch her video for "Shade" and make your own assessment on what that thing involves but to me, it's that impossible to teach, difficult to fake realness about oneself. Yes, this is a trap-like song that talks about "getting Uber Uber everywhere" but feel a little deeper and there's an energy there, rooted in something intangible that crackles like static. It's what elevates "Shade" from only a track ready for the turn-up into much more. Anyway, get into it at the top of the page.

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