The Last Summer Before Brexit

Photos of the UK at play before it all goes to shit.

by VICE Staff; photos by Orlando Gili
26 September 2018, 8:00am

World Cup 2018, Walkabout, Reading.

Brexit. Means. Brexit. In its current "no-deal" state, it also means, potentially: no flights between the UK and the EU; house prices dropping by 35 percent; months-long waits for pet passports; Britain running out of food within a year; and a financial crisis as bad as the one we experienced in 2008, as well as a raft of other completely unnecessary worries that could have all been avoided had the UK not made the stupidest decision of a generation two summers ago. Good stuff!

Anyway, before all of that stuff maybe happens from March of 2019, we've at least been able to enjoy one more blissful summer of late, pollution-addled sunsets; too many lunchtime beers and a football tournament that inspired hordes of English people to scale buses and do cocaine on top of lampposts. Photographer Orlando Gili was out capturing all of this for a series called "England at Play", and sent us a selection of the photos – which you can see below.

Mayday Bike Run, Hastings
VE Weekend, Royal Gunpowder Mills
Cheese Rolling, Cooper's Hill
BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, Swansea
Noisily Electronic Music and Visual Arts Festival, Leicestershire
Gay Pride, London
Mahiki cocktail bar and club, Henley Regatta
World Cup 2018, Bar & Beyond, Chelmsford
Bobby and Joe, Henley Regatta
Roddy, Glyndeborne
Lion Meadow car park, Henley Regatta

World Cup
Henley Regatta