The 'Westworld' Season Two Trailer Teases the Possibility of More Parks

The most tantalising moment of the new footage is the least action-packed.

by VICE Staff
24 July 2017, 3:41pm

The first trailer for season two of Westworld premiered at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, and it offers up a brain-bleedingly brief look at the aftermath of the season one finale's massacre. The show's second season has only just begun shooting, but apparently those early scenes are full of enough violent carnage to fill a two-minute trailer.

After an opening image of the Westworld saloon's now-iconic piano splattered in blood like a House remake, we see androids Dolores and Teddy slaughtering humans on horseback, Thandie Newton's Maeve surveying the employee corpses she mowed down during her big escape, and Ed Harris's Man in Black waking up after taking a gunshot to the chest. But the most tantalizing moment of the new footage is a little less action-packed.

In the trailer's one quiet moment amid the bloody carnage, Jeffrey Wright's Bernard (who apparently also survived season one's seemingly fatal gunshot) stares down at the corpse of a dead tiger half submerged in a pool of water, looking puzzled.

Tigers aren't exactly normal wildlife in Westworld, so this could point to some spillover between the other theme park worlds (like one where the samurai androids Maeve stumbled upon in season one might reside). Did the tiger escape from some yet-unseen world based on the movie Apocalypto? Will we see a major android brawl between cowboys and samurai and jungle cats? Whatever plans Westworld co-creator Jonah Nolan has in store, he's keeping them to himself.

"How much do you want [a samurai world] to play a role in season two?" a fan asked Nolan during the Comic Con panel Saturday, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "Doesn't look like anything to me," Nolan quipped.

The new season is scheduled to hit HBO sometime next year. Give the trailer a watch above.