Vote for Us to Win Some Awards!

We've been nominated for a bunch of stuff, and we need your help to clinch those wins.

by VICE Staff
21 September 2017, 10:48am

Hello and thank you for visiting vice dot com. If you clicked on this headline – a direct ask of you that promises literally nothing in return – I'm going to go ahead and assume you're into what we do here at VICE enough to care that we've been nominated for 11 Lovies, and then also to click the below links to help us win all those lovely Lovies.

Good thing is you don't even need to sign up to anything – you can vote if you're already logged into Facebook or Twitter, which you probably are. Also, I just timed myself and it took me one minute, 23 seconds to vote for all 11, which, really, is no time at all.

Best Music Website: Noisey – Vote HERE

VICE x UN Refugee Campaign: New Neighbours – Vote HERE

Best News/Politics Website: VICE News – Vote HERE

Best Internet Video (Music): Noisey Blackpool – Vote HERE

Best Internet Video (Lifestyle): Gurls Talk (i-D) – Vote HERE

Best Internet Video (News): Cash for Kim: North Korean Forced Laborers – Vote HERE

Best Practices: VICE Germany – Vote HERE

Best Editing: VICE/Virtue Scandinavia – Vote HERE

Integrated Campaign: VICE/Virtue Scandinavia – Vote HERE

Documentary (Branded): VICE UK x UBS – Vote HERE

Best Long Form or Series (Branded): VICE x Samsung – Vote HERE