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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Became the Youngest Woman Elected to Congress

The conservative right's favourite super villain has taken New York's 14th Congressional District.

by VICE News
07 November 2018, 9:35am

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Photo: ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

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At just 29 years old, democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress Tuesday night, thanks to her win over Republican Anthony Pappas in New York's 14th Congressional District.

Ocasio-Cortez’'s general election win was far from unexpected – the district, located in New York City's Bronx and Queens boroughs, has leaned heavily Democratic for years. Instead, Ocasio-Cortez's primary victory over 10-term incumbent Joseph Crowley, the fourth-most-powerful Democrat in the House, was what stunned the nation and the Democratic establishment.

That win also had the side effect of turning the progressive Ocasio-Cortez into the conservative right’s favourite super villain. Fox News spent several weeks talking about her endlessly, while she was the focus of dozens of stories on conservative websites. Ocasio-Cortez, meanwhile, started stumping across the country for other progressive candidates in an attempt to use her fame to unleash a blue wave in areas often dismissed as Trump country.

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