Who Is the Bandit Biting into Frozen Pizzas at Sainsbury's?

Someone is stalking the frozen aisle at the supermarket chain, and chomping down on the crust with reckless abandon. It needs to stop.

25 April 2018, 12:15pm

Photo via Metro

We’ve all done it. We’ve all eaten a handful of unwashed grapes or a couple of M&Ms straight out of the package while we carried an awkwardly sized basket through a supermarket. But a shopper in Devon, England has taken this snacking to a weird-ass new level.

When Adam Williams got home with his Sainsbury’s Deep and Loaded Pepperoni pizza, he quickly realised that something wasn’t right. According to the Metro, he’d barely unwrapped it when he noticed that someone (OR SOME... THING) had bitten a huge chunk out of the uncooked crust. He then did what any well-adjusted adult would do in that situation: he posted a picture of it on Facebook.

“If you look at the attached photos you will see a very hungry member of staff (with quite a sizeable gob) has seemingly taken a bite out of the raw, yes RAW pizza,” he commented on Sainsbury’s page. “Now I have done what any normal person has done and obviously cut around that part, but, can I ask, are all your employees tested for rabies? I’d hate to get it from a pre bitten pizza, and I’m fairly sure rabies is passed on in saliva.”

Williams also got in a dig at one of Sainsbury’s competitors (“I know I’ve seen a few [zombies] at Tesco”) and asked for the management to show some leniency if they ever busted one of their workers chewing on an unbaked pizza. That would be gross enough on its own, but another Sainsbury’s shopper commented after finding similar bite marks in the BBQ chicken pizza he’d bought at his local branch. “I still ate the pizza,” Harry Hoy wrote. “May die because an infected person took a bite before me.”

Photo via Metro

WTF, Sainsbury’s?! It can’t be the same person in both cases, because the second chomper was allegedly roaming the refrigerated section of a store in Norfolk—which is 300 miles away. Regardless, Sainsbury’s tried to blandly assure the customers that it wasn’t one of its employees, probably. “This product is prepared on site and we can assure customers our colleagues do not have an appetite for uncooked pizza,” a spokesperson for the chain said.

In the pizza biter’s defence, maybe one bite is all he or she thought she could afford. Last month, a Sainsbury’s shopper in Birmingham, England got an unappetising surprise on his receipt when the store tried to charge him £225.25 ($314) for one 10” Margherita pizza. The correct price was a more reasonable £2.65 ($3.70) “I mean, there is expensive pizza then there’s Sainsbury's pizza,” he told Birmingham Live.

But that pizza is apparently so good, people can’t even wait to get it in the oven. Or out of the wrapper. Or out of the store.