Watch M.I.A.'s Vivid New Music Video for "Powa"

The self-directed clip features domino dancers, natural landscapes and M.I.A.'s smouldering gaze.

09 February 2017, 9:47am

After sharing the lyrics and a ten-second snippet, M.I.A. has now delivered new track "Powa" in full, music video and all.

The self-directed clip sees natural landscapes, domino-effect dancers and of course the world's coolest 41-year-old (!) stunting for the camera like the baddie she is, all within a dreamy palette of blue and orange. The track itself is her first new material since her album AIM dropped in September 2016, and features a driving beat as Maya spits in her unmistakable gobby Londoner cadence about topics from the FBI to Donald Trump, via mentions of Mariah Carey and her prowess on the mic (don't believe her? Read about why she's one of the Greatest UK MCs of all time here).

So basically "Powa" is business as usual for M.I.A. – but when business as usual looks and sounds this good, you can't really argue with it.

Watch the music video for "Powa" below:

(Image via YouTube)