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I Went on a Spirit Quest with a Guru Who Believes Dolphins Are Telepathic Aliens

Aros Crystos, a "dolphin ambassador on land," says the aquatic mammals are actually divine masters, and they're here to bring us back to the ocean.
02 May 2017, 11:00pm

In 1994—about four decades after his starship landed in Sweden, according to his own account—Aros Crystos was sitting on Muir Beach, in California's Bay Area, gazing upon the sea. He was suddenly hit with a message: the dolphins.

For the next 10 months, Aros says, he received constant telepathic communication from the aquatic mammals. Dolphins, he came to realize, are actually intergalactic beings who have the ability to travel through dimensions at will. Humans have mistakenly associated them with other animals, but, in fact, dolphins merely take this form as divine masters. They are here to bring humankind back to the ocean.

One of the dolphins' early messages to Aros was a bit of esoteric word salad: "Where there is true love, shapes, forms disappear and left us only our smile." When asked what this means, Aros explained that, once you are able to smile in your heart like the dolphins do, shapes and forms vanish because you've gained access to a vibration where such things don't exist. "They only exist if you want them to," he added, sagely.

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