Check into 'Anger Management' With the New P Jam EP on Terror Danjah's Hardrive Imprint

The grime producer's one a one man mission to bring purple back.

Feb 15 2016, 3:31pm

Remember when purple was a thing, and everyone thought Joker was the next Mozart? We never forgot those heady days and it seems like Beat Camp member P Jam didn't either. The grime producer's decided to do a Jack Nicholson and go back to anger management with the...wait for it....Anger Management 2 EP.

Dropping on Terror Danjah's Hardrive imprint later this month, the record's a throwback to the original "Anger Management", a brutal, stripped back, raw, degraded grime classic that came with legendary vocal courtesy of D Double E.

We've got the heavy, wonky, heavily-wonky, wonkily-heavy title cut for your delectation right now. Slap it on, roll something up, and zoom back down a rainbow road to the glory days of '09, back when everything was thick, luminous, and delicious.

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